Episode 14



May 20th, 2022

1 hr 2 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

For Episode #14 on The Smashing Skull Sessions I got the opportunity to speak with Jason Sissoyev of Post-Metallers COASTLANDS.

Firstly, I want to thank Jason for his patience, as I sat on this interview for close on five weeks!, but I am thrilled to be able to share our conversation with you all, and show what a gentleman and what an incredibly knowlegable guy he is.

We spend a lot of time chatting about the hugely impressive and weighty behemoth that is their latest record, DEATH. That album hit like a steam train back in 2020, and it is still spoken highly of today, so why not bring Jason in, to give us some insight into its creation, and its continued growth. We also discuss their performance at Dunk!Fest back in 2019, and the impact that evening had on the band, and lots more besides. Enjoy! and of course Subscribe!!


Track: Red Smoke Flare © Coastlands, all rights reserved 2022.
Show produced and edited by Richie Duhig of The Metal Cell Podcast.