Episode 30

Unearthed - Volume 1. Digging up some of the best tracks of 2022


December 17th, 2022

1 hr 20 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

What an incredible year it has been for The Smashing Skull Sessions. Since I took over hosting duties back in February, I have been both privileged and honored to have interviewed so many great bands and reviewed so many stellar album releases. Spanning through many musical genres and styles , both myself and fellow writer Tim have somehow managed to come up with 20 tracks that have hit hard this year. Not an easy task, as this list could very easily have gotten out of hand!

Compiled over two volumes, the 20 tracks will be available to stream and play through YouTube and all good streaming platforms. Thank you to all the bands who have given us permission to share and use their music, you are all insanely talented. Everyone else, just sit back and enjoy!

A huge Thank You to Richie Duhig of The Metal Cell Podcast for producing and editing all content for The Smashing Skull Sessions

Atoms Unfurling – Mountainscape 0:00 - 9:08
Leviathan - White Ward 9:10 - 22:19
A Means to an End - Chalk Hands 22:20 - 27:36
The Long Road North - Cult of Luna 27:37 - 37:35
The Eternal Sea – Cairns 37:35 - 43:16
Why - Chat Pile 43:17 - 46:47
Lucida Dark – Ordiri 46:48 – 57:12
Carved Into The Sun – 57:13 – 1:04:48
Sereen - Turpentine Valley 1:04:50 - 1:10:00
Haloes in Reverse – Ultha 1:10:04 - 1:20:48

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