About this Episode

This week on Smashing Skull Sessions podcast I am delighted to welcome Ralf and Max of FARGO to the show for a chat.

After an extended hiatus, the Leipzig based four piece are back with a new line-up and a brand new album, GELI, which was only released this month!!.

On the show, we discuss the concept and recording process of the new album, as well as taking a look back on the early days of the band. What we don't discuss however, is the reason why every Fargo track is named after a city!!😃🤐

The guys also fill us in on how Magnus Lindberg got to master the album, and we wrap up the show with our 3 session questions!!! check it out now! Available on YouTube and all good streaming platforms.

Track played : Regensburg ©️Fargo. All rights reserved.

Produced & edited by Richie Duhig of The Metal Cell Podcast.