About this Episode

This week on The Smashing Skull Sessions podcast, I'm delighted to bring you all the first episode of our new series, The Review Room.

Tim, Rich B & Rich M join me on the podcast as we play, discuss and review four new releases from LEECH, KRANE, MOURNING COLOURS & A HORRIBLE DEATH TO A HORRIBLE MAN. The idea of this show is primarily to showcase new music, but we also hope it brings a bit of light hearted entertainment along the way with it!

We will also choose another music related topic to discuss and chew over, hopefully making the podcast an interesting, informative, and entertaining listen. This week the hot topic is dunk! festival.

Thanks for stopping by 🙏🖤

Tracks reviewed and played were:

Leech - Pick A Cloud. ©️All rights reserved.

Krane - Kartharsis II. ©️All rights reserved

Mourning Colours - Ornament. ©️All rights reserved

A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man - First Light. ©️All rights reserved

Show edited and produced by Richie Duhig of The Metal Cell.

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