About this Episode

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of The Review Room - part of The Smashing Skull Sessions.

This week, Tim, Rich B & Rich M join me on the podcast as we play, discuss and review six really diverse and interesting releases from Green Lung, Umoora, Mairu, As Friends Rust, Obsidian Tide & Dead Neanderthals.

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Tracks reviewed and played were:
Green Lung - Mountain Throne ©️ All Rights Reserved

Umoora- Kong ©️ All Rights Reserved

Mairu - Perihelion ©️ All Rights Reserved

As Friends Rust - No God's, Some Masters ©️ All Rights Reserved

Obsidian Tide - Halo Crusher ©️ All Rights Reserved

Dead Neanderthals - Necrology ©️ All Rights Reserved

Show edited and produced by Richie Duhig of The Metal Cell.

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