Episode 5

Fleetburner: Kevin Storm (guitarist) & Ken Simerly (vocalist) discuss their brilliant debut self-titled album and the paths that lead them to finding each other through an unusual set of circumstances.


November 16th, 2020

57 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

I was delighted to interview Kevin Storm and Ken Simerly for the show. Fleetburner is an international project from guitarist and songwriter Kevin Storm whom conceived the idea in two months, back in 2018. Fleetburner is a conceptional album, following the adventures of a boy who leaves the sufferings of a war torn land behind by building a ship to escape and sail the oceans. It was great to discuss this story with both Ken and Kevin; who as an incredibly talented touring musician, was able to assemble a stellar cast to perform on the debut self-titled album. The one thing however that alluded Kevin was a singer, despite casting his net far and wide across Europe he was unable to land a vocalist to commit the time to get the project over the line. Enter Ken Simerly! I was blown away by Kens story, how he found Kevin and the fact his soaring and powerful vocal performance along with his emotional buy to the project, has being nothing short of inspirational. All the more unique given Kens background as a touring singer in a Christian pop band.

Song featured and permission granted:
Open Water (c) Fleetburner, 2020 all rights reserved.