Episode 55

DOMHAIN - Andy (Vocals/Bass) & Anaïs (Drums/Vocals/Cello)


November 24th, 2023

52 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

The Smashing Skull Sessions is delighted to announce our third collaboration with Richie of The Metal Cell podcast .

We interviewed Andy Ennis (Vocals/Bass) & Anaïs Chareyre-Méjan (Drums/Vocals/Cello) of the incrediblly atmospheric, post black metal band Domhain. Since the Northern Ireland based band released 'Nimue' in October, they followed it up with a jaw-dropping performance to a full main stage at The Siege of Limerick, which left me with the feeling that this four piece are one of those special bands that come along once in a lifetime!

Both myself and Richie enjoyed the insights that Andy & Anaïs shared with us about how the band started, the connections they made through their previous bands which all helped get 'Nimue' off the ground and exploring the artistic side of the band.

It was also nice to acknowledge a previous guest from The Smashing Skull Sessions, the supremely talented Jo Quail, with an mind blowing guest performance on “A Pile of Stone Upon Her Grave”.

Domhain are Andy, Anaïs, Bryn Mills - Guitar, Backing Vocals & Nathan Irvine - Lead Guitar, Piano.

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The Mourning Star © Domhain, all rights reserved.