Episode 58

The Review Room - 12 Essential Albums Of 2023


December 28th, 2023

1 hr 18 mins 57 secs

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12 Essential Albums Of 2023

The Review Room is delighted to share with you all, its 12 Essential albums of 2023. No sequence, no order, just 12 stunning releases that deserve to be part of any music collection!!

Myself ,Tim Pijnenburg, Rich Buley, & Rich Murphy, each brought 3 of our favourite releases of the year to the table, and as you will see, we have assembled quite a unique and eclectic collection of music for you all to check out!

It's never an easy task for one person to highlight just 3 albums from a calendar year, but we did it, and we had a lot of fun recording it! I hope you all take the time to check out the podcast, and as always, please, please support the artists in any way you can. Here are the 12:

Úkryt - 1897
Phantom Winter - Her Cold Materials
Din Of Celestial Birds- The Night Is For Dreamers
Dorthia Cottrell - Death Folk Country
Domhain - Nimue
A Pregnant Light - Capacity For Living
There Will Be Fireworks - Summer Moon
Godthrymm - Distortions
November Might Be Fine - All
Soft Kill - Metta World Peace
Silver Moth - Black Bay
Bell Witch - Future's Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate.

Show edited and produced by Richie Duhig of The Metal Cell Podcast.
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