Episode 67

Justin and Elaine (Wristmeetrazor)


May 4th, 2024

24 mins 5 secs

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Speaking on the album release, WRISTMEETRAZOR's Justin Fornof (vocals) comments: “This is an incredibly important record for us, Degeneration combines everything we have built with our first two LPs into the strongest iteration of our band. This is us at our most misanthropically realized. The heaviest - both lyrically and musically - and most dynamic presentation of who we are and what we’ve done.”

Having solidified and fine-tuned the strengths of their latest incarnation onstage, the newly upgraded quintet found themselves with a renewed focus leading into Degeneration’s gestation period. During this moment of rare quiet WRISTMEETRAZOR sought the production, engineering, mixing and mastering skills of Randy Lebeouf (The Acacia Strain, Dying Wish, Kublai Khan). Ushering themselves into near total isolation in the woods of New Jersey, the writing and recording process for Degeneration was one of acute solitude, only leaving the studio’s cabin three times during the 30 day lock-in between almost non-stop 12 hour recording sessions.

Degeneration’s backdrop of self-imposed seclusion bore fruit as the album’s lyrical focus began to develop. Whilst there are still traces of WRISTMEETRAZOR’s established world of Nietzchian philosophy and twisted romanticism, Fornof found himself gravitating towards themes of misanthropy, apoplexy, and moral, political and religious hypocrisy within society.

I got to sit down with Justin and Elaine where we talked about the albums recording process, how the band got their name and so much more!

With great stories, chats and banter this is not one to be missed.

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