Episode 69

Manuel and Aubin (Butterfly Bulldozer)


May 31st, 2024

21 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

The debut EP The Great Becoming Of Captain Fuzz is a prologue recounting the meeting of the crew, all motivated to build a spaceship to escape the ecological and social problems of a planet in decline.

The band tells us about their debut: "As a series of humano-droids equipped with a fragment of consciousness is being marketed, the beginning of a new civilizational era emerges, plunging humanity into decline. Not equipped with this fragmented consciousness, the first prototype of this series, OB-1, divides opinions due to its immense power. As a precaution, it will be locked up until the outcome of its destiny is sealed.

From its cell, OB-1 intercepts a phone communication between a certain Captain Fuzz and the individual known as Professor Tricks regarding a mysterious invitation from space. The possibility of an escape from Earth leads OB-1 to organize its escape, inviting its creator, Tank, to join this space quest. OB-1, Tank, Captain Fuzz, and Professor Tricks ready, the crew, however, cannot be complete without their final encounter with the gunner Rocket. Assisted by the latter, the five of them will be able to finalize the construction of their spaceship: the Butterfly Bulldozer."

I got to chat to members Aubin (guitars and synth) and Manuel (guitars and synth) about their debut EP, 'The Great Becoming of Captain Fuzz', how the band got their unique name and so much more!]

With great stories, chats and banter this is not one to be missed.

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Check out Butterfly Bulldozer here: https://www.instagram.com/butterflybulldozer/

Track played: BTFBDZ ©️ all rights reserved Butterfly Bulldozer

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