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After-Math - Of Our Dire Existence ( Single)

I'm almost ashamed to say that I only very recently fell upon this solo project that is musically, right down my alley! After-Math, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, uses just the right blend of post-rock, math-rock, and electronica to conjure up sounds and images that seem to bounce and ricochet off glass walls and ceilings, reflecting and deflecting their metallic power and needle-sharp synthesized flares into the vast, post-rock void. It's an optical representation of what After-Math is all about.

So, with all that in mind, The Smashing Skull Sessions ONE TO WATCH series is delighted to bring you Of Our Dire Existence , the next single to be released by this solo musician, and to heighten the tension even more, our promo clip holds a 30 second snapshot of what you can expect to hear on February 23rd!!.

Of Our Dire Existence open with thumping percussions and rich textured guitar passages that flow like hot, molten metal, slowly gathering pace and power, all under those dense, smoldering synths that weigh heavy on the track, forging an edgy and drama fueled moment in time. Lead and rhythm guitars begin to spit out riffs that change the atmosphere of the track to something darker and ever so sinister. Always crisp, and as sharp as a butcher’s blade, the music is brilliantly produced with every instrument being able to breathe and fight it's corner. No sound overwhelms or smothers the rest, allowing the track to ebb and flow effortlessly through a myriad of moods and timbres. Of Our Dire Existence is blindingly futuristic in sound and is littered with technical nuances that shine brighter each time you hear the track. It's emotive, heavy, and powerful post-rock that only whets the appetite for more.

After-Math has been releasing music since 2019 and that back catalog is well worth visiting through their Bandcamp page. Solo projects have taken a giant leap in recent times, in terms of sound and depth, and After-Math typifies this, using layers that are weighty and melody driven, and seem to dovetail into one another seamlessly. All I can say here is, keep an eye on this guy!