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Burning Bones - New Tsars

Melbourne's indie rockers Burning Bones recently released two tracks under the title New Tsars with an incisive running time of just over seven minutes, but for that short moment in time, we are embraced by two deliciously mellow and strangely melancholic lullabies to bask in. Rich soothing vocals and clean, crisp guitars bring flashes of EF and Nada Surf to the table, which has to be two of the finest ingredients to grace any ambient post-rock casserole.

The first track, Harsh Words opens with that sliding country guitar and that velvet vocal I spoke of earlier. The tempo and blueprint of the track is upbeat, but subconsciously, it seems to slumber under a heartbreaking vortex. Gentle drums brush and caress over the guitars with a dreamy, nonchalant cadence that’s both warming and comforting, allowing your head to drift off to a place more spirited, wherever that may be.

Track number two, Out west, is a piano laden piece of music that again, caresses you with its warm and emotive words, all delivered with great calm and solace. Plucked strings and soft percussions are the heartbeat of the track, keeping the music alive and truly organic. There’s no big crescendo to be found here from a musical standpoint, but emotionally the track elevates and pushes itself froward like a warm summer breeze heavy with sentiment and susceptibility.

Burning Bones have been releasing singles since 2017, so to be graced with two tracks has to be a step in the right direction!. This style of indie rock has a place in everyones life. It’s music to kick back and daydream to, music to drive and cruise to, whatever your method of winding down is, Burning Bones could easily be the soundtrack to it. Be sure to support and follow through Bandcamp and of course, other streaming platforms.