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Huracan – Bruises (Single)

This weeks ONE TO WATCH comes from the Dunk! Records stable, and it's a band that have a passion and an unbridled aggression that pummels and destroys while at the same time piercing your skin with savage hooks and frantic melodies. Hailing from Ghent in Belgium, Huracan are due to release their third album We Are Very Happy on september 30th, and thankfully the band have graced and assaulted us with three singles already, each one more diverse and multidimensional than the next. There is an energy and a force behind each track that signals these guys’ intent.

The track we are going to highlight here is Bruises, and its a potent diatribe of angst and torment that’s tangled up in a web of deep rooted harmonics. The track rips everything asunder right from the off with those severed guitars and battered drums. The scorching vocal delivery of guest singer Wim Reygaert, who coincidentally produced the album, lacerates and cuts everything to ribbons under a cyclone of high tempo riffs and filthy bass lines. Sheer power and might whips the track into a carefully measured frenzy of melody and menace, all the time racing to the end in a cacophony of high octane energy and vigour.

Huracan have something special , an energy and a fire inside that has just been stoked. Dunk! Records dont sign up average bands, each one is a tour de force, and Huracan is no different to the rest of the Dunk! family. One to watch? bet your life it is!