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Next up on The Smashing Skull Sessions ONE TO WATCH series is a track from the upcoming Coldworld album, Isolation, which is due for release in late September. Solo project of Georg A. Börner, the track Walz is a turbulent and harrowing journey through the realms of atmospheric black metal, all the time cloaked under a cloud of dark ambient soundscapes. With two full albums already under his belt, G.B. has well and truly mastered his craft, knowing precisely how to express the cold, dark landscapes through depressive passages and harrowing vocals.

Walz opens with a brisk and blackened riff that shreds and grinds beneath a ferocious and fiendish vocal. Its pitch rebounds and echoes through the bleak atmosphere until an ambient passage, serenaded by a lone violin, cuts the tension momentarily. Lead guitars try to lift the spirits above the low lying mist, gasping for oxygen in under a chorus of haunting voices and succumbed chords. It’s a short track in length, but what it has in abundance is emotion, tension, and a forlorn beauty that only whets the appetite for the full album release. Isolation is only a few weeks away, but there is plenty of merchandise already available through the Bandcamp page or through the purveyors of all things dark, Eisenwald. Go check them both out!