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Disaster Forecast – How To Skate Everything

The Closing track, and the pre released track from this EP, Identity Parade is a brambled bush of hooks and memorable chants, that have enough kinetic energy to boil the blood and expose your inner demon

So here we have it, Spring is in the air and daylight is stretching its weary limbs aloft after a being in hibernation for those harsh winter months. Cobwebs are dusted off, and an air of optimism and newfound energy is spreading its glow and effervescence across the sprawling urban landscape. Moods change and the human mindset alters its state to a more upbeat state of mind. Music plays a huge part in this, whether it’s intentional or whether it occurs subconsciously. So, you need a soundtrack to that transition, a shot in the arm to get you motivated and galvanised. Well, you could do a lot worse than Sheffield's own skate-punks Disaster Forecast and their forthcoming EP, How To Skate Everything. This short but infectious blast of melody-infused hardcore, is music to fuck around with and enjoy. It's music for the streets, the parks and it's the soundtrack to the urban sprawl that is slowly but surely devouring and consuming us.

This 3 track EP is bulging and spilling over with energy, attitude, and a hardcore potency that shakes the foundations right from the off. The opening track Rising Tide wastes no time in tackling you head on with its high tempo tirade of slamming riffs and pounding drums. Vocals dripping in aggression and measured force spew and rasp over the track, all deeply melodic but delivered with purpose and attitude. The music is deconstructed in such a way, that it thunders through screamo tirades, filthy bass lines and furious fastcore assaults, that have you on a musical high right to the end.

Hanging Over is just under one minute long but the sheer intensity of the tempo, and the hardcore venom that it spits out, gives it the energy and adrenaline to make you feel like you’ve fallen headfirst off that skateboard, across that bone-shattering concrete terrain, only to get up and attack it all over again!

The Closing track, and the pre-released track from this EP, Identity Parade is a brambled bush of hooks and memorable chants, that have enough kinetic energy to boil the blood and expose your inner demon. The track breaks down to a delicious bass line and a momentary pause for breath, before a Maiden-esque solo reopens the track, strewn with the shouts of "So wave goodbye and hold your head up high. Give up, give out, give in, but never give it away. And when you come back down to earth, remind yourself of what it’s worth. This identity parade will start to fade. Stand by the choices that you made". It’s a high-octane anthem of a generation that have endured the pompous snigger from a battle hardened generation that went before it, or it can also be interpreted as the chant for any person who has had to endure their own demons, and needs a way to overcome and exorcise those spirits.

This EP maybe short on time but it more than makes up for that in energy and positivity. How To Skate Everything is ball of progressive zest and vigour that will lift your spirits and could even be the soundtrack to your summer.