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The Color of Cyan – Egress (Single)

Grand cinematic soundscapes along with a sonic wall of drama and distortion makes Egress the track that not only bears the title to the forthcoming album but is also responsible for bringing the record to a close. Emotive orchestral arrangements married perfectly with that drone-drenched fuzziness brings an air of anticipation and trepidation along for the ride. Think Silent whale Becomes A Dream, and all the neoclassical nuances that they bring, and you get just a flavour of what’s in store here.

The Color Of Cyan have certainly embraced and leaned on every member of the band for this track. Opening with stringed theatrics and reverbed notes that hang and suspend midair, the music is only brought down to earth through the heavy, hypnotic percussions and dark shredded guitars that manage to swallow up all that classical beauty. Deeply moving and heavyhearted, the track weaves through sorrowful strings and hefty post rock rumblings. These two musical worlds should, in theory, clash, but they gel and fuse together seamlessly to create a moment that’s equally glorious as it is melancholic.

If this track is anything to go by, then the album, which is due for release next month, should be a voyage laced with raw, emotive energy and mammoth moments of power.