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The Ever Living - Total Impasse (Single)

Next up in our ONE TO WATCH series is the explosive and synth-soaked sounds of The Ever Living. Total Impasse is the first track off their new album, Artificial Devices, which is due for release on July 15th, but I couldn’t wait until then to expose their synthesised and doom driven heaviness to all who will listen. You need to go back to 2018’s Herephemine, if you want to get your musical fix of The Ever Living, so it’s with open arms that we welcome the news that new material is on the horizon.

To whet the appetite, Total Impasse has been gifted to us as a precursor to the album, and fans of the band will immediately drown in its sea of violent riffs and bludgeoning bass lines. The power and venom of the track is instant and builds towards a tsunami of measured ferocity and synthesised waves. The vocal delivery is both gut-wrenching and severe and breaks against every crash cymbal and tempo change. The Ever Living like their synths, and I’m delighted to see the guys use them unequivocally and decisively on the track, as it has become almost a trademark to their sound and style.

If Total Impasse is a taster of what’s to come, Artificial Devices is going to be an imposing and towering slab of alternative metal, so buckle up!