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Often The Thinker – For What’s Missing (Single)

Releasing music since 2007, Often The Thinker is a studio project from San Diego, California. Creating music for the morning after, these guys play a radiant blend of shimmering post-rock that reverberates and resonates, filling space and time with lush musical amplifications and deep meditative swells. Often The Thinker’s sound has a place in every person’s headspace, and I’m delighted to see that they are releasing a new album early next year, along with a pre released track that is available right now!

For What’s Missing is one of those tracks that grows like ivy, slowly climbing around your ankles and spiralling around both legs, eventually covering every part of your body. The track opens with broad but delicate guitar strings that ring out and rebound of every surface before unveiling itself with a more crisp and clean sound that flows and meanders through your head, nonchalant and steady. When those beautiful country-infused sliding cords grace the track, time stands still, and for that moment, nothing else matters. Another subtle and understated layer is added to the sound as a brass-blown melody washes over everything, slowly bringing the track to a close, and ultimately putting you, the listener into a state of great calm and perfectly balanced equilibrium.

Often The Thinker is not heavy music, it’s not metal music, but what it does have is a weight behind it that comforts and cocoons the listener. Everybody needs music like this in their lives. This is ambient post rock done to perfection. Keep an eye on this release in 2023!