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In Lieu Of Flowers - Garden Of Light

On this week's ONE TO WATCH series, we head to Texas and fall into a post-black trance with In Lieu Of Flowers, with their latest track Garden Of Light.

Taking inspiration and guidance from bands like Nordsind, Olhava, Daygraves and Violet Cold, the American duo have crafted a track that swings effortlessly on a pendulum of emotion, bringing us on a journey between all things beautiful and all that’s harrowing.

Opening with a melody that's caressed by richly strummed chords, the track begins with a pleasant and plush tremolo inspired passage, all so serene and calming. However, once the drums grasp hold of the track the music gathers momentum before some fuzzy, power-driven, black-gaze riffs lay siege, leaning all it's might and weight to one side of the pendulum. The intensity continues to escalate before finally exploding into a whirlwind of post-black bliss and beauty. The layers of sound wash over and fill every inch of space, led by the ferocious blast beats that are both electrifying and elevating. There's even a synthesized key that acts as a metronome, all the time enhancing the melody without ever suffocating or stifling the atmosphere. It’s a 5-minute journey that pivots between two powerful forces, darkness and light, with each one releasing a musical nocturne that captivates and excites.

Garden Of Light was released on August 04th, and I can't wait to hear what follows. Any fan of atmospheric, black-gazed music needs to drop by In Lieu Of Flowers Bandcamp page. A stunning track