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THE V.O.I.D – Into The Void (single)

This weeks ONE TO WATCH hails from Exeter, in the UK, and is a solo project by Sean Davey that goes under the banner of THE V.O.I.D. The full album has just been released and is available on all streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp but seeing as the ONE TO WATCH series concentrates on singles, I’m going to delve deep into the title track of the album, Into The Void.

Firstly, this album tells of the struggles and successes with mental health. It sends the message that it's ok to seek support and seek help during those darkened times. With a topic like mental health, you can imagine the music to be awash with emotion, heartbreak but ultimately hope, and that is exactly what you are adorned with. “In music, we trust, in music we feel, feel love, despair, hurt, grief darkness. This is a journey of experiences in life, this is a journey into the void”. These are the poignant and heartfelt words that are spoken over forlorn piano keys and sombre guitar chords, that guide us under their warm embrace, and comfort us as we wander deep into the void.

As the drums latch onto the melody, the track glides and shifts through a lush, celestial showering of post-rock goodness, adorned with spiralling lead guitars that entwine and envelop the listener, creating a safe haven and a place of refuge. The rhythm guitars grow, and the synthesised energy of the music elevates itself once more, all the time guided by those piano keys that now seem to echo with hope and reassurance, as the track erupts into its final crescendo with thundering percussions and heaving riffs. Into The Void is a journey within itself, that begins with questions and doubt, but ends in great clarity and conviction.

Sean Davey is a talented artist, and THE V.O.I.D is a portal to his mind. Glorious instrumental beauty awaits everyone who takes that leap of faith and jumps fearlessly Into The Void.