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Feed Me To The Waves - It All Lingers (single)

Feed Me To The Waves' 2019 sophomore release Intill captured the essence of post-rock with the longing to explore the realms of dark ambient soundscapes. It was a glorious journey through a world of sounds and textures, all performed under the watchful eye of tremolo guitars and crashing percussions. Well the Swedish quartet are back once more with with a new album, Apart, which is due for release on 18-11-2022, through the mighty Dunk! Records. But between now and then we will have to make do with two pre-released tracks to fill the void between now and then.

The track I want to showcase on the ONE TO WATCH series is It All Lingers and it is a soul searching and sobering passage of music that comforts and consoles both the mind and body into a state of deepened serenity and equanimity. Think of This Will Destroy You's Tunnel Banket or Jakob's Solace and you get an idea of where this musical wandering is heading. From the slow-caressed cymbals that crash over lush ethereal soundscapes, you're immediately dosed up to an almost halucenogenic state of mind. Add to that, these fuzzy, muted guitars that filter through the dense waves of sound, and you have a piece of music that nestles intimately within your psyche, a mini voyage through deep atmospherics and warm lo-fi dreamscapes.

Feed Me To The Waves belong in the upper echelons of ambient post rock, and I get the feeling that Apart is the album that will validate that thought. Check the track out on their Bandcamp page and why not pre-order the album while you're there!