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Marlugubre – Bleak Are The November Nights (Single)

Marlugubre is a solo project hailing from Taranto, Italy. There are two reasons why I chose this artist and track for the ONE-TO-WATCH series, first one being the incredible talent on display, and the sheer weight of emotion the track carries on its very broad shoulders. The second reason is the fact that it is associated with Frozen Woods Records. This independent label from Turin, Italy has a gift of unearthing these unique and talented artists from the vast and endless wilderness of bleak, dark and atmospheric music.

Bleak Are The November Nights is taken from Marlugubre’s second full length album Maladie, which is due for release on 07-07-2022. Heavily influenced by the Progressive Death Metal and Post-Black Metal genres, this track is a vehement, yet passionate piece of music that bobs and weaves through rich acoustic passages and heavy burdensome riffs, all of which are baptised in deep sentiment and euphony. It’s never easy to marry two such extremes, but Marlugubre executes this flawlessly, all the time kneading the two contraries with torrential drum kicks and harrowing vocals. To add to this grandiose wall of sound, there are wanderings of sweet soaring solos that sweep through every crack and crevice, creating something altogether beautiful, though heavy in darkness.

The whole Post-Black and Blackgaze scene is thriving at the moment and it’s easy to see why, when talent like this is there to be consumed and absorbed. Marlugubre is certainly one to watch and with a deeply emotive and fascinating tale to tell, Maladie should be something special.