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Archierophant - Scenes From A Mirador

The first track of the year on the ONE TO WATCH series comes courtesy of London’s atmospheric black metallers, Archierophant. We are propelled into 2023 amidst the throes of a blistering black metal blizzard that bruises and batters right from the opening cords. Scenes From A Mirador is taken from the upcoming full band release From The Fires, which is expected to see the cold light of day in early 2023, and if this track is anything to go by, then the bleak, cold winter days and dark sullen nights will rumble on through many seasons to come.

Scenes From A Mirador opens under a furore of caustic blast beats, dungeon synths and blood-thirsty vocals, all swirling around in a deluge of blackened fury. The opening two minutes are atmospheric black metal at its most intense and foreboding, weilding anger and emotion like a razor sharp axe. A break in the track brings some grandeur orchestrations to the forefront, as the haunting and celestial vocals of Annabelle Iratni braid and tangle through the cries of Jack Thompson, before a maelstrom of blackgazed pandemonium lays siege once more, before drowning itself out in a current of plucked strings and more angelic serenading.

Archierophant have made a pretty clear statement with Scenes From A Mirador. It's as polished as black metal can be, without losing its edge. It’s awash with raw emotion, melody and unbridled ferocity that sucks you in and takes you on a one-way pilgrimage to the ends of the earth. I cannot wait to get these frostbitten hands on the upcoming album From The Fires as soon as it’s released. Keep a close eye on this one.