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It Was A Good Dream – Drawing Your Recurve (Single)

Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, It Was A Good Dream play a really warm and heartfelt blend of instrumental rock that has a delicate and soothing side to it that really embraces you and keeps you immersed and engaged. The music is never one dimensional or linear and it’s all those layers and textures that bring so much emotion and depth to their sound. Help Me To Recollect was their debut album, which was released through the mighty Dunk Records back in 2019, and I’m delighted to see that we are finally getting some new material, in the shape of the first single off their forthcoming sophomore album, which is due in the spring of 2023!

The ONE TO WATCH series has gotten its teeth into that new single, Drawing Your Recurve, and it’s everything you want from this band. It Was A Good Dream paint through music. For me, the energy and vibrancy in their sound always reveals this glorious, colour-soaked landscape that rolls on into infinity. Drawing your recurve is no different.

Opening with plucked cords and metronomic beats, the immediate pace of the track is calm and serene, slowly gathering momentum but always building on anticipation. Some electro percussions and synthesised atmospherics bring another dimension to their sound, before elevating it once more into a beautiful post rock crescendo that flows like a swollen stream through that lush multi-chromatic landscape that their music always evokes. It’s a short track, but what it does is whet the appetite for what is to come.
It Was A Good Dream and Dunk Records are the perfect accompaniment to each other. I’m confident this new album will be as beautiful and grand as their first. I’m also pretty sure that we will see both Chris Anthony and Alex Glover on the Smashing Skull Sessions Podcast in the not-too-distant future also.