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MMTH – Relais (single)

For those of you already in the know, Germany’s instrumental four piece, MMTH have this kinetic and scintillating style that makes their take on experimental rock sound colossal and near epic. Lush, sonic walls of sound marry perfectly with glorious lead swells and potent rhythm guitars, giving the band an energy and a cutting edge that can slice the vacuum-packed genre of instrumental music wide open.

The great news is that the band have a new release, Infinite Heights, coming soon, November 17th to be precise, and they have graced us with a taster of what is to come in the shape of Relais. Opening in an avalanche of sun-drenched melodies and sumptuous waves of power and precision, the music instantly energises the listener and takes you on a journey through glorious, yet rugged peaks and valleys. Lead guitars and sharp synthesised sparks, spiral and set fire to the sky as those pummelling percussions and stomping bass lines keep the track firmly earthed to the coarse, stony soil. Buried deep within these dynamic and barnstorming passages lies an ever so somber undercurrent which gives the track another dimension, and adds another string to its bow.

Always growing and always adding layer upon layer, Relais is a track that grows like ivy, that’s rooted firmly in the earth and climbs all over you without you ever noticing, until it wraps its arms round your neck and totally consumes you. MMTH have chosen a superb track to introduce their new album to the masses, and believe me, after hearing the rest of the album , this release will be huge.