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Violet Cold - Səni Uzaq Kainatlarda Axtarıram

( Black Metal - Blackgaze )

Violet Cold play a style of Atmospheric Black Metal that hypnotises and spellbinds the listener. Ambient elecltronic soundscapes collide with a cosmic black gazed frenzy, exploding into what can only be described as full on sensory overload. No better place to be!

I stare in awe at the Violet Cold Bandcamp page with my jaw touching the floor when I see that Violet Cold has 52 releases in his discography. Granted there’s singles, EP’s, albums and everything in between amidst the mass of work. Some artists are gifted, simple as. They have a fountain of creativity at their disposal. Their mind works in mysterious ways, far different from us mere mortals!! I only came to know Violet Colds music in detail after the release of Kosmik back in 2019. Since then, I’ve been burrowing my way through his labyrinth of music, spending hours tumbling through blast beats and vast atmospheric deliriums. What Empire Of Love did in 2021 was break barriers, open minds, and get people talking. The Album is a "post black" masterpiece, swarmed in hooks and positive auras. But in Səni Uzaq Kainatlarda Axtarıram, we have a more recognisable Violet Cold, a trance-gazed, sombre affair, but to anyone who immerses themselves in this genre of music will find solace and reassurance and a place to escape to.

So the journey begins….Venus opens the album with a rich synthesised swell interlaced with piano keys, before the trademark "black-gazed" soundscapes swirl and spiral into fuzzy guitars and mid paced drums. This opens the door for Shoegaze Rave with its frantic jungle beats and atmospheric backdrop. Vocals rasp and wail amidst the mayhem before a synthesised interlude sweeps through the track, carrying with it the angelic backing vocals that feel both celestial and divine. As the mist descends once more, blast beats and huge atmospheric acrobatics blister through distorted shredding and visceral vocals.

Immersive Collapse feeds off those celestial moments from earlier and opens with a sweet female operatic lullaby before a slow driven groove ignites and plunders forth with more cutting vocals and synthesised backdrop that seduces and almost hypnotises the listener, engulfing you in its sandstorm. Double bass drums kick up the sand once more as the track fills the air tossing a blanket dust over all in its path. Immersive Collapse is a track that keeps on growing in stature the longer it plays out, to the extent that you don’t want it to cease. But unfortunately, everything must come to end, but once the storm has receded you find yourself elevated, weightless, rising through the clouds with the atmospheric and inspiring Getma. Simply put, this is ambient "black-metal" in electronic euphoria.

There’s not many artists that can play a genre of "black-metal" and be able to incorporate a dance beat, but Violet Cold has mastered the unique ability to fuse any form or style of music and blacken it with its tragic and heavy-hearted passion. Haunting backing vocals sweep over the stony and harsh screams in a multi layered spectacle, creating another work of art.

The Closing track "Demise", reeks of grief and anguish with its sombre tone and its procession paced beats. It’s emotive, it’s agonising, and it cuts the listener deep. Anyone with a soul, no matter how tarnished it is, can’t help to be moved by "depressive black metal" played as well as this. Midway through the track, shredded tremolo guitars come out from behind their celestial veil, and as the track reaches its climatic and furious end, one final chorus of lamentations and woe bring Səni Uzaq Kainatlarda Axtarıram to a close. I’m left sitting here with a lump in my throat and the need to close my eyes and play this EP again.