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SIDUS - Seismos

Thought provoking, structured and formidable, Berlin based Sidus, with roots deep in Athenian soil, have released an EP which is in essence, a journey beneath the underbelly of mother nature, while at the same time drawing parallels to the human state of mind. As the earth erupts and projects fire and fury skyward, causing great chaos and destruction, the human mind faces its own demons though its own earth-shattering quakes.

Seismos is a three-track concept album that explores the breath-taking beauty of this natural disaster, while raising awareness about mental health issues through a voyage of self-discovery and the impending and unavoidable anger mother earth has at her disposal.

Striking artwork and the calm crystalline intro on Rupture brought me right back to the time I listened to Baroness’s Cocanium from the Yellow and Green album. Those gorgeous guitar notes that hang and hover amidst a cool summer breeze, buzz and resonate deep within the subconscious. There’s something beautiful about that slow build, which harnesses all that impending doom and sucks you in, letting you fall into a false sense of security. As the music grows, so does the tension, as layer upon layer, each instrument falls into place and leads you towards the second track.

The aptly named, Seismic Wave comes in from the great open seas, slow at first, but with devastating effect as it crashes onto land. Musically, Sidus have you sitting on the cusp of that wave, front row seat if you will! The guitars are heavy as hell, as the riffs create aftershock upon aftershock, resulting in a tsunami of destruction which devours life under a fury of crashing cymbals, blast beaten percussions and earth-shattering bass guitars. What the band are also portraying here is that such devastation is found deep within us all. Panic attacks and mental breakdowns bring as much hurt and affliction to us internally as an earthquake does outside.

The third track, Seismos brings with it, calm, hope and optimism. Rebuilding and rehabilitation comes under a comfort blanket of crescendo driven guitars that soar over lush, atmospheric rhythm guitars, which breed new life, and fill the skies with an air of positivity.
Sidus have put together an EP that showcases what talent and creativity can achieve when you have a strong-minded vision and of course the finesse to execute a concept to the highest level. From sombre and unsettling moments, through waves of fear and despair, to finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Seismos is both a tragic yet wonderful journey of the mind, and the world we live in. What Sidus have done is simply orchestrated and soundtracked the voyage to perfection.