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The Fierce And The Dead – Shake The Jar

With their first full album in five years, The Fierce And The Dead have returned and have shaken the proverbial tree from its deep set roots, sending reverberations right through every branch and beyond, with a force that has catapulted their sound skyward, and into new territories.

Yes, their upcoming album News From The Invisible World breeds new life into the band and brings an energy that is infectious, forward thinking and fierce! And that goes in no small way to the introduction of vocals, courtesy of bassist, Kev Feazey.

But the album review is for another day! today I want to share with you all the deeply infectious and groove driven pre-released track, Shake The Jar. With all the sonic TFATD nuances you come to expect from the band, this track is spiked with moments of blistering psychedelic splendour, and gritty, stoner vibes. Feeding off the energy of bands like Baroness and Queens Of The Stone Age and blending that potency with those smooth prog soaked vocals, Shake The Jar is laced in a feel good factor that literally flows through your bloodstream, giving an instant high.

The opening riff on the track is upbeat and heavy, with an instant vocal delivery that mixes and dissolves beautifully into the groove of things. With a chorus and a hook that literally tattoos itself to your grey matter, there’s no escaping those atmospheric and melody-soaked anthemic chants that layer proceedings. The guitar tone is slightly fuzzy and dipped in a shoegaze glaze, which adds yet another dimension to their sound, and keeps that energy and gusto at fever pitch. When the track reaches a momentary celestial plateau, the music fades to the background beneath a rumbling bass, before unleashing itself for one final assault to the senses. Damn, this is electric!