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Still Motions – Welcome Oblivion (Single)

Welcome to the second of our ONE-TO-WATCH series where we unearth and promote incredible tracks that have either blindsided us or delivered a piece of music that has embellished and heightened our imagination. This week we write about a band that has done both. Still Motions from Phoenix, Arizona, have released Welcome Oblivion, which is a piece of post-rock grandeur in its purest form. It’s both anthemic and somewhat overwhelming on first listen, but that’s what post-rock should do to you when you open your mind to it, and let sentiment and solace flood your senses.

Welcome Oblivion doesn’t hold back from the moment it graces your eardrums. Rich, layered guitars overlap and traverse over a chasmic deluge of rhythm guitars and thundering drums, all the time following a deeply intense bass line that plucks emotions from every duct. A sultry breakdown midway through the track allows the music to spin and swirl within its own vortex, before the pace, power and emotion triggers a centrifugal surge of post rock splendour that’s as heart-breaking as it is uplifting. It’s music that raises the hairs on your arms and sends electrical currents charging through your veins. Post-Rock perfection.

I loved Still Motions 2020 release, Mirrors, which featured highly on people’s album of the year back then, and deservedly so, but with Welcome Oblivion, they have raised the bar yet again. I don’t have a date yet on an impending album release yet, but suffice to say, if this is a taste of things to come, then Still Motions have catapulted themselves into the post music stratosphere, right where they belong.