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TELOS - Smother (Single)

Next up on our ONE-TO-WATCH series, is Copenhagen’s blackened hardcore outfit Telos, and their chaotic and heavy hitting track Smother. Inspired by personal tragedy and the growing onslaught of fake news, Smother is a three-minute condemnation of all that, and so much more.

Smother could not be more aptly named because as soon as the track explodes you are utterly consumed and asphyxiated by the filthiest of riffs that wreak havoc and utter chaos with the most sinister and uncomfortable level of ferocity. Crushing percussive passages lay the foundations of the track, with a twisted bass hook underlining the sheer intensity of it all. Once the vocal onslaught grabs you by the throat, those blackened screams lay pressure on the windpipe, restricting the airwaves, and bringing you to that delicate stage between consciousness and a comatose stupor. Smother is a vicious track, breaking through death and hardcore tirades, with those shredded, high pitched guitars giving everything a scorched and charred aftertaste.

With no release date as yet for Telos’s full album, this track will give you plenty of forewarning on what to expect when it does eventually lay siege. Brace yourself!