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Tides From Nebula – The Sweetest Way To Die (Single)

This weeks ONE TO WATCH is from one of the most imaginative and innovative post bands out there today. Dynamic and intense electronica married with the power and grit of good old fashioned post- rock has been the recipe to Tides From Nebula’s success in recent years. Their futuristic and ultra-modern approach on From Voodoo to Zen set the bar dangerously high!, and this latest single The Sweetest Way To Die is a follow on from that, loaded in atmospherics, with an uplifting and refreshing quality that oozes class.

The Sweetest Way to Die opens with synths and percussions rolling over an off-centre guitar passage. The unorthodox gallop of the track is an instant hit, with lead guitars shooting lazers across the sky like earthly spotlights, while a fuzzy rhtyhm guitar and funky bass give the music great volume and space. Tempo changes and subtle variations in direction keep the track fresh and upbeat with shredded tremolo outbursts and rapid rolling drums seeing out this progressive and synthesised piece of magic.

It’s great to see Tides From Nebula back again. It’s nearly three years since their last studio album and between themselves and Leech, there's a void that needs to be filled with this style of post-rock. I’m excited to see what the Polish trio have in store for us over the next few months!