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Uada - Crepuscula Natura

Uada is a melodic black metal band fom Portland, Oregon and recently they released their fourth full-length release. After it’s inception in 2014, the band fired the albums Devoid of Light (2016), Cult of a Dying Sun (2018) and Djinn (2020) unto the world, and through years of relentlessy touring they're having an increasing fanbase worldwide. With the new album Crepuscula Natura released by the fantastic Eisenwald Records label, that growth will only continue.

Compared to its predecessor Djinn the duration of this new record is significantly shorter. Thirteen minutes to be precise and I think this benefits the overall impact of the album as a whole. The five songs are well-balanced and well-timed with no moments that could’ve been deleted. Everything is in the exact place and right timing, with the outcome of another wickedly strong album.

What I love most is that when you put Uada’s music on, you can hear within a split second it’s Uada. Their melodic sound is so distinctive and so recognisable. The fast tremolo pickings, the melodic harmonies, the hooks and those impressive and repetitive riffs are what stand out, making them true masters in creating catchy music. The classic heavy metal passage midway through the title-track Crepuscula Natura for example completely fits in, and provides such a cool variation that keeps the music interesting. Music that still rips your face off, mind you! It blasts and grooves at ferocious pace and the varied vocals go from icy gnals, filthy growls to gutteral grunts everywhere. Listen to the opener, The Abyss Gazing Back and hear vocals that sound the heaviest in the band’s discography. The album closer, and at a whopping 12 minutes, their longest song, Through the Wax and Through the Wane is another great example of combining all contrasts in one.

Crepuscula Natura makes you violent, desperate and in peace with yourself, all at the same time. Something only few bands are capable of. With that, Uada have again delivered another melodic black metal gem that will make old fans more than satisfied and that will appeal to genre fanatics that are not familiar yet. Also big credit to Kris Verwimp for the stunning artwork. Essential listening.