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We lost The Sea & Solkyri - LIVE

I remember Dunk! Festival 2017 like it was yesterday. The air was heavy with anticipation and emotion ahead of We Lost The Sea’s Departure Songs album being played in it’s entirety, in front of post music’s most loyal followers…. No pressure, right!

Well, what happened that night will live long in the memory of everyone that witnessed that performance. It spiralled through waves of emotions, ranging from sombre, heart-breaking power riffs right through to huge soul stirring climaxes…it was insane, a rollercoaster of emotions, that left everyone in the tent in awe.

Well, fast forward to the 21st November 2022 and I’m at the 229 in London to witness another performance from the mighty We Lost The Sea, along with fellow countrymen, and legends in their own right, Solkyri . This time however, WLTS are finally getting a chance to showcase their latest album Triumph And Disaster, (yes it was released in 2019 but we all know the chaos and dismay that followed for the next 18 months!) and holy shit, it truly deserves the live environment in order to fully understand and comprehend its power and majesty.

But before we dive into We Lost The Sea’s performance, there is the little matter of discussing another great Australian band in the shape of ** Solkyri** . 2020’s release Mount Pleasant was a game changer for these guys, and really nudged them up the post-rock charts. I must admit however, that having experienced the energy, passion and power that these guys brought to the stage, it will be hard to go back to the studio versions! Solkyrie were immense, pacing up and down the stage under a hail of riffs, hooks, and melodies. The dynamism and passion in everything they do literally poured off the stage, drenching everyone in the venue, they were electric! The highlight track for me had to be Summer Sun, with its spiralling lead guitar swells that bounced off the walls generating a real positive and uplifting experience for everyone in attendance. A real solid performance, and one that set up We Lost The Sea perfectly.

Opening with Dust and A Beautiful Collapse, We Lost The Sea had the whole venue within the palm of their hands right from the get go. The atmosphere was buzzing, with everyone on tender hooks, waiting for those heavy leaden riffs to shatter the still, and boy, they didn’t disappoint. A beautiful Collapse never sounded so raw, heavy, and downright crushing, what a start! Bogatyri was next up to mesmerise with its slow patient climb and its deep-set groove, but once those chugging riffs filled the room, the venue lit up and sent shock waves right through London!

As if the energy and excitement wasn’t already at fever pitch, Challenger Part 1, Towers and A Gallant Gentleman were yet to be unleashed to us. And without fail, each one brought a magic and a spark that ignited the 229. The emotion and the sentiment of Challenger was hair-raising while Towers stood magnificent and formidable, shaking the very foundations we stood on. Closing the show with A Gallant Gentleman left the audience in awe and wonder, a moving and heartfelt track that aches in glory. A truly memorable night, and one I don’t think anyone will forget anytime soon.

Live music is something special, no two ways about it, no matter what your musical tastes are. There’s something very intimate and personal to a live show within a closed environment. But I urge everyone to somehow get the chance to witness We Lost The Sea at some stage in your life. It is special.