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Wolfredt – IIII

It’s testament to the post scene, and music as a whole, to see a band grow and develop. From the nucleus of a solo project to a fully fledged band reassures me that boundless talent and unwavering support for our underground scene go hand in hand. And you’ll be hard pushed to find a better example of this than on the streets of Tallinn, Estonia.

Wolfredt started out as a one-man project way back in 2013 and since then they have released some really inspiring and deeply emotive music. Tides back in 2020 really put Wolfredt on the map and gained them a lot of new fans, but with the release of their forthcoming album IIII, I can only see this bands trajectory going one way. With a release date of April 28th, theres not too long to wait, but to whet the appetite, why not get a taster of what to expect below, and believe me, this release is an absolute monster.

The Seer opens with guitar chords flashing and blazing pleasantly from ear to ear with a synthesised beat that’s near hypnotic and almost narcotic. Measured and near pristine, swirling lead guitars and a low rumbling bass spark and fly through those chunky rhythm guitars, all together creating a mass of post rock perfection. The pace and the power of the track casually climbs and weaves it way to a really memorable finale that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Stoner hammerings and psychedelic synths are the order of the day on Under The Spell, with its infectious groove and its pulsing tempo and flow. The sweet smell of summer, with its warm westerly breezes and clear blue skies fill the senses, a really positive and uplifting track. What follows however must be my favourite track on the album. Terra Nullius opens with stripped back reverb and slow, sullen atmospherics. Rich post rock guitars ascend and sweep upward into a thick, near distorted passage of music that is soaking in melancholy and hugely emotive textures. Distant vocals echo and travel across the musical wilderness giving me that hair raising moment, you know the one, where your heart pumps faster with uncontrollable elation and you wish the world could also witness and share this moment in time! A truly majestic track which I cannot wait to witness live sometime.

Oh Brother is a piece of music that seems to have been designed to cradle you gently back to earth after the rush that went before. Piano, strings, and acoustic meanderings embrace you and wrap a comfort blanket around your shoulders, settling you back down, so that you can reset and continue to enjoy the rest of the album.

Skeleton Key and Assegai bring a bit of bite with them, with those chugging riffs and those slow crashing cymbals orchestrating proceedings. Often melodic and heart-warming, yet still underpinned with just enough menace and gloom, these are two really strong tracks that keep the album interesting, diverse and varied.

The album closes with The Original Android, which to these ears, bring Caspian’s On Circles vibes to the table. It’s rich, warm, and as deliciously harmonic as it is euphonic. Layers of brass and string only add to the emotion and the sense of grandeur, and makes it a very fitting track to close the album with.

Wolfredt have brought us an album that showcases and quantifies the mastery that they possess. IIII is a record that journeys through many musical styles and genres. From grand flourishes of glorious post-rock to deep, groove trodden stoner riffs, this album really has it all. Go treat yourself on April 28th, and buy this album! And don’t forget, pre-orders are already live!