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Mastiff have announced their forthcoming album, Deprecipice, will be released on 22nd March via MNRK Heavy. The new release features an onslaught of special guests including Ethan Lee McCarthy from Primitive Man, Harry Nott from Burner, Dan James from XIII and Rob Scott from Yersin.

Everything Mastiff do is in the name of intensity. Since forming amid the misery of Kingston-upon-Hull in 2013, the five-piece have crashed extreme metal, sludge and hardcore together to create the most brutal sonic onslaughts possible. Vocalist Jim Hodge, guitarists James Andrew Lee and Phil Johnson, bassist Daniel Dolby and drummer Michael Shepherd write together in their rehearsal room then record as quickly as they can – all in the name of keeping their music fresh, raw and seething.

I got to sit down with vocalist Jim Hodge where we talked about the new album, Deprecipice, advice for people wanting to start bands and more!

With great stories, chats and banter this is not one to be missed.

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Track played: Serrated Šī¸ all rights reserved Mastiff

Edited by Richie Duhig of The Metal Cell Podcast.
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