Episode 65

Dave Gregor (Morta Skuld)


April 5th, 2024

27 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

Formed in 1990 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Morta Skuld are an American death metal band. ‘Creation Undone’ is the latest work of inspired extremity from frontman and mastermind Dave Gregor and co. In a time when the band’s iconic and celebrated debut ‘Dying Remains’ reaches its thirty year milestone, and with recent live activity on both sides of the Atlantic seeing the quartet performing to a ravenous fanbase of metalheads both old and new, Morta Skuld now returns with a ten track opus of pure death metal in their unrelenting and unwavering pursuit of heaviness, still going strong after three decades, as the band unleashes their successor to 2020’s ‘Suffer For Nothing’.

I got to sit down with lead singer and guitarist David Gregor where we talked about the new album, his style of vocals and if he had any favourite albums of the year so far!

With great stories, chats and banter this is not one to be missed.

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Track played: We Rise We Fall ©️ all rights reserved Morta Skuld

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