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MAZIAC – Acid (Single)

Another ONE TO WATCH for you all this Monday, and another London based modern prog-metal/alternative rock band for you all to consume. MAZIAC recently released Acid to the masses, and just like the corrosive nature of the substance, this track will devour and eat away at everything in its path.

The track opens with a sharp, crisp meandering riff and a precise mechanical drum passage that pounds and pummels right into the first vocal rhetoric which has a shady and malevolent undertone to it. Even though the music is definitive and sharply defined, there’s an air of hostility about the place, a sense of impending doom and demise. Contrasting clean vocals cross over the track, which are heavily melodic and euphonic. Deaths own voice then casts a shadow over everything, delivering its guttural growls, adding another dimension to an already multi-layered narrative. The final couple of minutes of the music transcends into an array of riffs, lead solos and tempo changes as MAZIAC converge for one final assault.

Acid is a multidimensional rollercoaster that drives and powers through various prog progressions and eclectic metal nuances, creating an intense and textured tour de force. Keep your eyes peeled for more MAZIAC music to follow, aon’t forget to hit Bandcamp and support the guys!