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Psychonaut - Interbeing (Single)

There’s tension, and an air of excitement about the place as the first sightings of new Psychonaut music emerges. The Belgian trio have always released quality material, mesmerising us with their psychedelic post-metal harmonics and their clean and gritty vocal crossovers. There’s no doubt about it, Belgium has become a searing cauldron of fiery post music, and there seems to be no end to the talent being poured upon us.

Interbeing is Psychonaut’s latest release and it’s a slab of skillfully crafted post-metal that’s built on various layers of euphonic atmospherics and opposing vocal frameworks, all cemented together beneath a heaving guitar groove that gets right under your skin. Beginning with some simple guitar chords and patient drums, it doesn’t take long before the guitar hook tears through the calm and unleashes a riff that’s adorned with Tool nuances and vibes. Gravel-torn cries give the track a bitter bite that snarls and snaps at the clean harmonic delivery, giving the music greater depth and a dynamic edge that’s razor sharp. The melody hurtles through various tempo changes and structures effortlessly, bringing you through soothing silver-toned passages and big, thunderous crescendos. Interbeing is a well-polished and meticulously played slab of progressive post-metal that has just enough psychedelia to keep Psychonaut fans very happy indeed. There is progression in their sound, a certain refinement about it, but that takes nothing away from the ferocity and fire that’s burning beneath the volcanic surface.

These guys are on an upward trajectory, and that doesn’t happen by chance. Psychonaut are all talented musicians, and know how to write great music, just ask Pelagic Records