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Wozniak – Black Polaroid

Lets try and wean you off the weekend and carry you into these dark November weekday mornings with something that soothes, something that can bring you down to earth with all the deftness and subtlety one needs to face another week ahead. The weather may be bleak, the days may have gotten shorter, but there is always room to escape the daily drudge by taking time out, to put on a set of headphones and listen to Wozniak’s new single, Black Polaroid.

Ahead of their potential final release, Memory Disorder, Wozniak have given us a track that unburdens a weary mind and allows the body to suspend, weightless and feather light, for a brief moment in time. Black Polaroid is a softened and restrained body of music that ebbs and flows underfoot, gently caressing with its watery vocals and its near nostalgic and hypnotic arrangements. Distorted at times and always awash with shoegazed atmospherics, the track elevates you to that place where dreams and reality converge. It's a wonderful place to be, under those slow tempo percussions and those delicately plucked strings which weave and merge through waves of reverb and delay. This is simply trance-inducing.

I don’t like to ponder the idea of this being Wozniak’s swansong, but if that really is the case then let’s hope they sign off with all the ethereal splendour and blissful beauty that we have come to expect from these four Scots! And after hearing Black Polaroid, I’m sure we will not be disappointed!