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Bury The Burden - An Increased Perception of Suffering

What a run of it I’m having at the moment with regards to the UK music scene, and Leeds in particular! In the last couple of months, we’ve had stellar releases from the likes of Helve and Din Of Celestial Birds, both bringing their own style of music to the masses. Well next on the hitlist is the filthy, sludge trodden ferocity of Bury The Burden. The self-proclaimed dirty noise mongers have unleashed an EP that gnaws at your soul and torments your mind without a care in the world. Once you press play, be prepared to be hit square in the jaw by a barrage of big, brutal riffs and an antagonistic verbal assault that beats and pummels from start to finish.

Aesthetically, An Increased Perception of Suffering brings you back in time, right back to memories of the Black Sabbath era, with its simplistic black on neon green artwork with its forgotten headstone that sits stark and sombre. Musically, the opening track Repression Interlude carries those Sabbath sentiments beneath a dirge of down tuned riffs and filthy basslines. That infectious groove and those down beaten percussions crawl and claw through those sick, sunken frequencies. It’s memorable and it locks into your psyche just as an opening track should.

Better Off Dead snarls and bellows right from the off under a barrage of thick, thundering guitars and clambering drums that sonically beat the living shit out of you! Screams of "better off dead" are delivered without mercy, like a punch in the chest, before transcending into the next track, With No Remorse. Here the carnage continues, and the visceral onslaught takes swipes at you from every angle, along with one of the sickest bass lines you will hear. The tempo is chaotic, and the tension is palpable. This is music to let loose to, music to unleash your inner demon to, and relinquish all control!

The EP closes with Depression Sickness Withdrawal, and just like everything that has gone before it, the air is hostile, and the bands' blackened hearts are pounding out of their chests. This is hardcore for the hardcore. This is music for those that like it filthy and love to breathe in its fury. Strangely enough though, through the snarls and the sludge, there’s a pattern and a meaning to this EP. As I mentioned already, the groove and the arm-swinging swagger that Bury The Burden carry is infectious and will suck you in. An Increased Perception of Suffering is an angry beast, and one that won't be tamed.