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Death Pill - Расцарапаю Ебало (single)

This week’s ONE TO WATCH is a hostile and malevolent fusion of punk and metalcore with a blunt-bladed slice of Motorhead’s chaotic style and swagger strewn across it for good measure. Death Pill are a Ukrainian all female three piece band, and their self-titled debut album is due to drop on the 24th February. Judging from the two pre-released tracks already available on their Bandcamp page, the trio mean business, and are out to annihilate and obliterate all who stand before them.

Having to endure the destruction and chaos that has been ripping through their beloved country for the last 14 months, these ladies have good reason to vent and literally come out swinging. Расцарапаю Ебало is the second last track on the album, and it opens with an onslaught of raw punk power and energy, with a tempo and riff that gives off that Motorhead reference I mentioned earlier. Its hooks pierce the skin right from the outset with a tirade of visceral vocals and finger-ripping riffs. The drums are raw and in your face, with a chorus that echoes the chants of Ballroom Blitz! It’s energetic, it’s fast and it’s aggressive, and coming in a just under two minutes it’s short. But what it loses in duration, it makes up in passion and fervor.

Mariana, Anastasiya and Nataliya are out to put a dent in the hardcore punk scene and beyond with this debut release. There’s also thrash and metal influences buried deep in those high-tempo riffs that will make Death Pill appeal to many different scenes and styles so all thats left to say is, Bring it on!