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Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – North EP

This week’s review comes from a very special group of musicians. It’s a two track EP, however it should be noted that one of these tracks is a remaster of an older composition, and one is a brand new composition. So with that in mind, let me concentrate on the new track for now.

There are times when I envy those who may be unfamiliar with the work of the French avant-garde and post rock introverts, Silent Whale Becomes A Dream. Those of you who have yet to hear and feel their heart-wrenching and classically influenced sounds will experience an immediate connection to their music that will stay with you forever. They take you on a journey that is awash with these rich, glorious climaxes that ultimately carry you to a blissful and euphoric state of consciousness. Hearing it for the first time really is something special. Silent whale have been around since 2011 and have been releasing music sparingly throughout that time. But it still rings true that the best things come to those who wait, and that patience is now rewarded with Their latest release North.

North is the new track, and in typical Silent Whale fashion it opens under a rippling tremolo guitar that pushes the deftest of sound waves through your body, along with a soft, distorted breeze that brushes past your cheek. Tribal drums ring out in the distance as the atmosphere builds and the heartrate begins to pick up the pace. Once the core of the track is released, the energy and emotion is elevated by shredded guitars and sullen strings that ache and languish in this heavy, heartfelt mist that brings with it, warmth and deep nostalgia. It’s powerful and its crushing without ever being offensive and stark. Even within a momentary breakdown in the track, it re-emerges once more in the form of a ferocious and mind-blowing crescendo that lifts you from your feet and thrusts your chest to the skies. To quote Jo Quail from a recent interview I did with her, “Heaviness is an emotional concept rather than an expression of volume”. This music doesn’t need violent screams, double kick drums or guitars down tuned to the death in order to be heavy. It’s burdened heavily with unconditional emotion and its right there, where the real weight of the music is carried.

It’s great to see Silent Whale Becomes A Dream releasing new music, as it shows there’s still a fire burning within the belly of the beast. This is stunning!