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In2Elements - Dystopia (Single)

This week’s ONE TO WATCH series takes us to Southern Poland, and gifts us with the first track to be taken from In2Elements upcoming release It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn. Dystopia is a track that showcases the shady and arcane side to Post-Rock, feeding off that cosmic, but moonless ether that fills the skies above. As the title suggests it’s music that transports you to a place that’s cold and unbounded where hope can fade, and darkness can consume.

A wave of celestial synths open the track, immediately transporting into the great wide open, with gentle guitars following the slow, but measured drum patterns. In typical Post-Rock fashion the track begins its journey through dreamy passages and chunky riffs with that soaring lead guitar sailing through the thick dense atmosphere. The slow to mid-tempo pace of the track brings with it a flurry of heavy, fleshy riffs and a sea of synths, that reach the stratosphere and sail off into the wide blue yonder. Dystopia is Post-Rock done to perfection, and has a taste of more off it.

I have been lucky enough to hear this album in full, so if you find that Dystopia has the ability to carry and transport you through blissfully dark, astral worlds, then their new album is a must have. With a release date of early September, there’s not long to wait, so be sure to keep an eye on their Bandcamp page, as well as their galactic voyage through Europe alongside some equally impressive bands.