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ourhomeisthesky – Reflections

"ourhomeisthesky is a haunting and soul-stirring synthesis of post-black harshness and dreamy shoegaze atmospherics which make Reflections an unspoilt and untouched diamond in the rough"

I treated myself to a wander through Bandcamp last week, with no real direction or path to follow. It was a blank canvas, a musical map that held no destination, and it's journeys like this that more often than not, unearth some gems. Needless to say, my Wishlist has been well fed and fattened up and ready for slaughter! And first on the butcher’s block is an unknown entity for me up to now. Hailing from Hobart, Australia, ourhomeisthesky is a haunting and soul-stirring synthesis of post-black harshness and dreamy shoegaze atmospherics which make Reflections an unspoilt and untouched diamond in the rough. I know very little about ourhomeisthesky, and I think that has added to the mystery and intrigue of this release.

The opening track, Reflection I awakens with a soft piano and a sea of synths that ebb and flow between the ebony and ivory keys. It’s unassuming and almost introverted to begin with, but as the rhythm guitars begin their ascent through the synthesised haze, the power and the melody take over the track and with a simple and delicate lead guitar leading the way, the music reaches this rich, atmospheric crescendo which aches and feeds off bands like Olhava, and that delicious post-black scene that has engulfed St. Petersburg.

Deserted follows with the same tempo and ethereal presence of what went before it, soaking in heavy atmospherics and ambience. However, on Deserted we are introduced to some sombre, lachrymose vocals that almost weep and cry before getting devoured in a blackgazed mist and smothered with a deathly vocal that rolls with the music and summons some incredible Floyd-esque guitar solos, bringing the music to another plateau. It’s a dark, but beautiful track.

Reflection II keeps the atmosphere on a positive high with more lead guitars that soar and drift over the main passage of music. Those of you who love to seek refuge is swarms of melody and hair-raising highs will devour this track. It reminds me so much of the music and emotion that Anathema were able to produce when they hit that sweet spot. It takes you somewhere else, far from the everyday grind, and opens a window to the mind, where you can lose yourself and feel damn good about it.

The closing track, Breathe brings back those warm Olhava moments with its repetitive dreamgazed riff and trance-like atmosphere. Black-metal vocals tear through that utopian dreamworld, however they’re not at all harsh or uncomfortable, they’re diluted down just enough to make an impact without tearing the atmosphere to shreds. Just think of the latest Show Me A Dinosaur material or even Deafheaven, and you’ll have an idea of where you have been transported to. It’s another very impressive passage of music and a very fitting way to close the album.

ourhomeisthesky is probably not on the tip of everyone’s tongue but believe me when I say that this music deserves an audience. So many amazing artists are among us, you just gotta do a little digging to reap the rewards. As I’ve said so many times!!!! Check out their Bandcamp page!