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Entropy – Death Spell (Single)

Hamburg’s shoegazed, Indie rockers Entropy will be releasing a three track EP entitled Death Spell very soon, so on this week’s ONE TO WATCH series, we will be focussing on the title track of the EP, Death Spell.

Nostalgic, uplifting and drenched in grunge, the track opens with a fresh, guitar-driven indie riff that’s made for those long meandering road trips under glorious sunshine, with the cool, coastal breeze rushing through the wide-open windows. The feel-good factor is further heightened by the soothing, shoegaze inspired vocals that stream and swirl through every hook and melody, carving out a soundtrack to the summer, a track to play aloud from the beauty of the morning’s sunrise right through to its sunset under those shimmering blood red skies. Entropy have melody and emotion in abundance, pulling on the heartstrings of times past, combining musical influences from the eighties and nineties, and injecting it with a luminescence that lifts the spirits. Call it rock, call it indie, call it shoegaze, either which way, it’s positive and emotive music that there to be enjoyed.

Keep an eye on their bandcamp page for the release, which is due around the 29th July.