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DDENT – Ex Auditu

Couvre-sang, back in 2020, was the first album I heard from DDENT and since that release I have devoured their back catalogue, admiring the musicianship as well as their eurythmic and dark blend of doom music. To be this crisp, sharp, and melancholic shouldn’t work on paper, but the French four-piece have somehow struck that balance where their heavier drone-drenched, post-black sounds can cast a dark cimmerian shade over those slow yet sweet euphonic overtones, without ever losing any of the drama or emotion that floods their music.

Having said all that, Ex-Auditu is something a little different here, and the opening track, Caute, wastes no time in setting the pace and pattern of the EP with its vast, broad opening. Mid-tempo in execution, the simple yet somber guitar chords on Neceffe eft vivere marry perfectly with the synthesized backdrop and those funereal drawn percussions. This is music that could very easily have scored on shows like Twin Peaks, simply because of its sinister yet heart-rending melodies. Feather-like key changes along with the elevated drums patterns lift the track to greater heights as layers of textures and timbres rest easy in each other’s company. The rhythm guitars remain constant, guiding the track from start to finish without ever stepping up and dominating.

Calidum Innatum follows a similar path to Neceffe eft vivere but brings with it a more orchestral and chamber-like atmosphere to proceedings. Hugely spirited and deeply emotional harmonics sweep through the track, with more of those trademark hollow- plucked cords laying the foundations to their sound. Lead solos flourish towards the latter stages of the track, elevating the atmosphere up another notch, and expanding into s glorious, near celestial crescendo.

Vale closes the EP with some lush reverb and distorted guitar tones. More bold and prominent synths swirl over the rhythm section, always soaring upwards with layer upon layer. The heaviest moment of the EP is saved till last, as the teeth are finally shown with some brash and hefty riffs and crashing drums, ending an EP that has all the nuances and energy you expect from DDENT, but with less weight and bite than previous outings, not a bad thing by the way!