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Les Dunes - Mellow Skies (Single)

Soft, solemn, and deeply soothing is Les Dunes first track from their debut self-titled album, which is due for release on 24th March through the fantastic Kapitaen Platte . This new instrumental/alternative band from Haugesund, Norway, consists of members from bands like Low Frequency in Stereo, Undergrünnen, Lumen Drones, Helldorado and Action & Tension & Space.

With Per Andreas Haftorsen on guitar, Morten Jackman on drums and Per Steinar Lie on bass, the trio have crafted a beautifully calm and composed piece of music that quivers and breezes through vast open skies of blue. Rich tremolo rumblings over methodical percussions open Mellow Skies before expanding into a greater aural headspace, as waves of shimmering guitar work flows freely over a brooding bass line and slo-mo drums. A sense of calm and serenity washes over every chord and every plucked string during this four-minute moment in time.

Mellow skies’ slow-core wanderings and dreamy atmospherics makes it a warm and musical companion that you can travel great distances within its company, or it can be that restful and intimate passage of music you want to curl up into a ball with, as it nestles beside you, on repeat, without interruption.

It’s still early days before any big and bold statement can be made about this band, but from what I have heard here, and knowing the quality of music that adorns the Kapitaen Platte roster, I have very high hopes for Les Dunes. So much so, that I have already purchased the vinyl!!. Enjoy!