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Maziac – Fear & Fortune (Single)

London-based alternative/progressive metal 3-piece MAZIAC have just unleashed a missile of a track that has torpedoed through space and time, making it a dead cert for a slot on our ONE TO WATCH series. Fear & Fortune wastes absolutely no time in punishing you right from the off with an avalanche of tech-driven riffs that pierce and pulverise the senses under a hail of vicious drum patterns and a bass guitar that rumbles and pounds your chest cavity.

The band have been around since 2017 and that goes some way in explaining how tight and musically in tune these guys are with one another. Precision, ferocity, and adrenaline-inducing power is the order of the day here. Beneath the fury of those coarse and demonic vocals lies a groove and a sharpened hook that gets right under your skin and feeds its aggression through every vein and artery. Nu metal nuances litter Fear & Fortune right down to those intermittent, harmony laced choruses and those distant, synthesised atmospherics. Add to that, those killer double base kicks and a momentary rap vocal, this track literally travels through decades in finding its mojo!

Not only is there so much going on sonically with Maziac, lyrically they have invested a lot of time and effort also. To quote vocalist/guitarist Tony, “the song is about the feeling of being lucky compared to so many in the world with the creeping awareness that at any moment something bad could happen to make you less fortunate”. An interesting concept indeed and with lyrics like, “why are we so lucky and how long will it last? The future's not determined by the course of the past”, this band are in total control of their vision.

The track is now available on Bandcamp and most streaming platforms, but you know the drill!! Go support the artist on Bandcamp and help feed our underground scene. I look forward to hearing more from these guys and having just played the UK Tech-Metal Fest 2023, the future is bright, but the music is dark!