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COPSE – Old Belief (Single)

The ONE TO WATCH series loves finding brand new tracks from up-and-coming artists and bands. A very familiar stroll through the hallways of Bandcamp has paid dividends yet again, this time in the shape of Copse, a 5-piece post-black metal collective who hail from Bristol, UK. With a 3 track EP due out early August, they have shared one of the tracks off the record with us, and let me tell you, Old Belief is a blitzkrieg of brutal, blackgazed firepower that rains down with great ferocity and vehemence.

Blending black metal percussions, vicious vocals, and murderous riffs with a near celestial soundscape, Copse have summoned up a cacophony of discordant sounds, that weave and weld together to create this near epic track. Blast beats open proceedings with those torturous vocals hitting you square in the face while the guitars shred and scream out a post black tirade. It all comes together beautifully but remains as bleak a fuck! The arrangements and the timing on each section of this track are flawless, with those pummelling blast beats ebbing and flowing in and out of the track, breaking off into a mid-tempo charge, while the bass and rhythm guitars lay the foundations, underpinning everything under 6 feet of cement.

Copse have brought together some really interesting and inventive takes on the post-metal, black-metal and screamo scenes. Neither one overshadows the other, all doing as they’re meant to do, without ever losing any of that raw power, or that atmospheric suspense which elevates this track to greater and grander heights. This EP is sure to be a gem, as will their appearance at this years Arctangent Festival I’m sure! Watch this space!