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The Abyss Inside Us - Among The Ruins (Single)

Next up on our ONE-TO-WATCH series is the hauntingly beautiful but equally bereft Among The Ruins by the hugely cinematic and emotive project that is The Abyss Inside Us. This track is a ten-minute tale which was hugely influenced by the heartbreak and mindless destruction of a beautiful country and its innocent civilians, by a modern-day monster. This isn’t a horror story from the history books, or a tale of woe told by campfire light, this is happening today, 2022. Oh, how mankind has shamed itself.

But back to the music, and it’s so easy to get consumed by the atmosphere and the despair that echoes through the opening chords and its chilling vocal, that travels through the air in a blanket of smoke and sorrow. It’s slow tempo and cautious build-up hooks you in with its sense of anticipation and power. The melody is memorable and the crescendo, bleakly beautiful. The drums rumble and role like gunfire as the emotion and passion within the track explodes and weeps, bucketing rain down on the listener.

There is a break in the horror six minutes into the track, offering a glimmer of hope through an optimistic bass line that guides the music toward a more upbeat trajectory. It's powerful, it's resilient and bursting with hope, and the yearning of a nation. This write-up may come across forlorn and sullen, but there’s no doubting that the music echoes those sentiments. But to take the music as its own entity, this is a thing of beauty. Music can do so much, and this track cuts deep. It is colossal and achingly jaw dropping.

Be sure to check this track out on Bandcamp, as the album won't grace us until December.